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Mindoro Geothermal Power Corporation (MGPC) is EPI’s 20MW binary geothermal power plant will be installed in 5MW modules. The project is located within the Municipality of Naujan in Oriental Mindoro.


MGPC owns the exclusive rights to explore and develop geothermal resources within its 4,032.97-hectare service contract area, as well as to build and construct the necessary infrastructure for the efficient conversion of this geothermal energy into power.


MGPC’s efforts in community relations are testament to EPI’s commitment to uplifting the lives of its host communities. MGPC’s initiatives have led to the establishment of the 3M Women’s Organization (3MWO) which have empowered the housewives to start their own business to augment their respective household incomes.  3MWO has participated in trade fairs, the most recent of which was the Agri-Trade and Tourism Fair 2017.


In addition, the launch of MGPC’s Alternative Learning System (ALS) aims to improve the education situation in the 4 barangays surrounding the project site. ALS has produced its first batch of 25 high school graduates, one of which is a 47-year-old Mangyan.