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Biliran Geothermal, Incorporated (BGI) is 60% owned by EPI. The concession was awarded by the DOE for the exploration, development and production of geothermal resource at a contract area of 22,394 hectares in Biliran. BGI is a joint venture of EPI (60%) with foreign private fund Clermont Group (through its subsidiary Orka Geothermal Investments Pte Ltd), a company that invests globally in energy, financial services, consumer goods and healthcare. 


The BGI concession area, with an estimated potential of 240MW, is subdivided into two distinct geothermal resource areas with Biliran 1 in the South bounded by the Municipalities of Caibiran, Biliran, and Naval, and Biliran 2 in the North bounded by the municipalities of Almeria, Kawayan, and Culaba. Biliran is connected to the Luzon-Visayas grid, a location which faces substantial increase in long-term electricity demand.


For the first 10MW, BGI will be developing power plants in modules of 5MW binary units from existing wells. Succeeding project phases will be implemented until the environmental compliance certificate (ECC) -applied capacity of 49MW gross is attained.


For two consecutive years, BGI was presented the Corporate Safety and Health Excellence award by the DOE and the Safety and Health Association of the Philippines Energy Sector, Inc. (SHAPES) for operating without lost time accident from 1 November 2015 to 31 October 2017.